82 Calling card of Lajos Kossuth


Hugó Polatschek

Turin, Budapest, 1890

Printed paper, textile, dried plants and hand-writing

Gift of the widow of Hugó Polatschek, 1947

Living in emigration in Turin, the elderly Lajos Kossuth, the iconic figure of the 1848/49 revolution in Hungary, received the Jewish industrialist Hugó Polatschek on April 10, 1890 on a private hearing. According to contemporary reports, they spoke about the state of Hungarian industry and trade during their half-hour meeting. The elderly politician gave his calling card to the visitor, which contained only his family name, but was authenticated by his own signature. Hugó Polatschek had this precious relic framed, and decorated it with laurel and a ribbon with the Hungarian tricolor. The widow of Hugó Polatschek donated this relic to the museum almost sixty years after the visit took place.

82 Calling card of Lajos Kossuth