21 Rabbi's contract


Mayer Perls, Contract of the Rabbi of Szatmár county

Carei/Nagykároly, (in Yiddish Krole) 1835

paper, ink, wax seal

Donation of Miksa Szabolcsi

Local lords often invited Jews to settle on their estates in order to handle the economic affairs of their manors and to boost commercial activities there. The local lord of Carei/ Nagykároly permitted for the Jews to move in the depopulated town in 1740. The community could freely elect its rabbi, but had to have it approved by the local councilors.  In 1834 they invited the acclaimed Talmud scholar, Mayer Perls to Nagykároly to serve as their rabbi. A year later he was elected as the chief rabbi of the county.  Of the latter, an artistic document was created, enlisting the duties and rights of the rabbi. The document was signed by the representatives of the Jewish congregations in the county. The Jewish congregation of Nagykároly, as a sign of their approval, even affixed a seal to it.   Mayer Perls’ son, Ármin Perls became the Neolog rabbi of Pécs, and had a friendly relationship with Miksa Szabolcsi, the editor-in-chief of Egyenlőség (Equality) who, in 1910, asked for the valuable document for the newly founded museum.