5 Torah ornament


Nagykanizsa, 1799

Gold plated silver, engrossed, engraved

Deposit of the Jewish community of Nagykanizsa, 1950.

This rimon pair from the Jewish community of Nagykanizsa is interesting because at their
base there are the symbols of the twelve Zodiac signs. In Jewish tradition, these originally pagan signs were connected from early on with elements of Jewish history, with the twelve Biblical tribes or Gemini with the figures of Jacob and Esau. On Jewish objects, the Zodiac circle represents the completeness of the yearly cycle. On the top of the crowns on the Torah ornament, there is a double-headed eagle of the Austrian crest. The Jewish community of Nagykanizsa sent this synagogue ritual object first to the Historical Exhibition of Metal Art in 1884, and then it was on display at the National Millennial Exhibition in 1896.