68 Goblet with lid


Margit Tevan

Budapest, 1937

silver, embossed

present of Ernő Naményi, 1939


Margit Tevan belonged to the group of friends of Ernő Naményi, the curator of the museum. Among the many goals of their society – which they named Isaiah Religious Society – was to create religious objects fitting to contemporary formal design. As a goldsmith, Margit Tevan made Seder plates and Mezuzah boxes in the constructivist style of the era. in 1937 she received diplome d’honneur on the international world exhibit’s show of religious art, and on the Triennale in Milan she received silver prize. She prepared this goblet, decorated with Biblical scenes, as a wedding present for Ernő Naményi the same year; later Naményi donated the goblet to the museum.