30 Seder plate


Herend, cca 1850

painted porcelain

Gift of Lipót Lövy (Pápa), 1912

The world famous porcelain manufactory in Herend was founded in 1839 by Mór Fischer, a potter from Tata. Among the Seder plates produced by the manufactory in Herend, some uniquely depict families celebrating Seder. There are small medallions on the rim of the plate, naming elements of the Seder in Hebrew. In the middle of the plate, there is a painting depicting a family celebrating the Seder. This depiction was quite familiar for the Jewish community in the second half of the nineteenth century, as it was a reproduction of an illustration that was contained in one of the first illustrated printed editions of the Haggadah from Venice in 1609. The founders of the Museum took pride in the successes of the Herend manufactory and strove to acquire as many of their Seder plates as possible. The first Seder plate from Herend was a donation of Dr. Lipót Lövy from Pápa in 1912.