44 Movie poster


For the film Life of the Jews in the Holy Land

Graphic design by Imre Földes on a drawing by Ephraim Moses Lilien

Seidner Institute of Lithography, Budapest, 1913

Gift of Mrs Benőné Sehr Irén Schlesinger, 1921

This is the movie poster for Life of the Jews in the Holy Land - Original pictures taken in Palestine. The film – made in 1913 – was directed by Noah Sokolovsky, Ossip Meir Grossman was the cameraman. The film was originally presented in Vienna in August 1913, on the occasion of the 11thZionist Congress, followed by screenings in Russia, Poland and other European countries where it was shown until the outbreak of the World War I. Later all copies of the film disappeared until the original negative was found in 1997. In Budapest, the film was shown in the Tivoli Cinema located in the Ernst Palace. The poster was designed by Imre Földes who made use of an illustration by Lilien.