87 List of people with Swedish protection letters


Budapest, 1944              

paper, typewritten, cloth binding

present of Andor Kenedi, 1958

After the German occupation of Hungary, the embassies of neutral countries that continued to function in Budapest, issued protection letters to several tens of thousands of Jews in Budapest, which provided them with diplomatic protection, and thus proved to be one of the possible means to save lives. Besides the legally issued protection lettersby the embassies of Sweden, Switzerland, the Vatican, San Salvador and Portugal, there were several tens of thousands of forged documents made by members of the Zionist resistance. Hungarian authorities moved the protected people to a special ghetto, in the south-western blocks of the district of Úlipótváros (the Pest side of the Danube, opposite Margaret Island). There were regular round-ups in the international ghetto, many of the residents of the international ghetto were shot into the Danube in groups. This list made at the Swedish embassy contains the personal data of close to ten thousand people on 447 pages, to whom the embassy issued protection letters. This list, stamped on every page, was donated to the museum by Andor Keleti, who himself is on the list, too.

87 List of people with Swedish protection letters