2 Goblet


Maker’s mark: FTD

Augsburg, 17th century

Goldplated silver, engrossed, engraved

From the Ner Tamid Association, Nagykanizsa

“The Israelite community of Nagykanizsa, one of the richest and oldest in the country,
officially informs us that (…) it will participate in the millennial exhibition with its synagogue artifacts and antiquities. We congratulate the great community for this patriotic decision, which will enhance the treasures of the church division in numbers and in value alike.” – wrote the Jewish journal Egyenlőség in 1896, about the preparations of the National Millennial Exhibition. The majority of the artifacts exhibited there came from the Jewish community of Nagykanizsa, and had already participated in a previous exhibition, the Historical Exhibition of Metal Art in 1884. Although both of these exhibitions showed only the Jewish ritual items, but through them, indirectly the communities themselves were present as well. This ceremonial goblet from Augsburg, decorated with portraits of Solon, Cyrus and Pythagoras, was purchased and engraved by the Jewish community of Nagykanizsa in 1803.