23 Hanukkah menorah


Fülöp Adler

Óbuda, 1864

silver, embossed

through Ferenc Mezei , from the Schlesinger family estate, 1911

Hanukkah used to be an intimate family holiday, in course of which Hanukah lights were lit in the special menorah for Hanukah. The holiday reminds us of the miracle that happened with the oil, so traditionally oil and wick were used in the candelabra, which either had the form of a bench or could be hung on the wall. This silver Hanukah candelabrum used to belong to the Schlesinger family; it was designed according to the trends of the era, and was a beautiful object in the family cabinet not only during the eight days of the holiday, but throughout the entire year. The bottom part of the menorah was made in 1864 by Fülöp Adler from Óbuda. The upper part, decorated with swan and lyre, is a later addition, from the time when the new form of Hanukkah candelabra, using candles, became more frequent. The little pipes added later saved the users from having to bother with the oil and the wicks.