91 Diary


Diary of Éva Weinmann

Budapest, 1941–1948

paper, ink, hand-written, embroidered cloth binding

present of Gyula Bálint, 2000

Éva Weinmann was born on October 4, 1928 in Budapest. She started writing a diary a few days after her 13th birthday, and recorded all her joys, pains and secrets in it. Her diary describes, through the experience of a teenage girl, the gradually worsening circumstances in course of the war, the story of the yellow star houses, and then the ghetto of Pest. She was enlisted for forced labor at the age of 16, and she participated in construction work around the airport of Budapest. She lived to see the liberation, but because of an illness due to the war, she died in 1946. After the death of her mother, her caretaker gave Éva’s diary to our collection.