60 Bible in Silver Binding


master AW

a present to Rabbi Leopold Löw by his congregation in Pápa

Vienna, 1850

silver, embossed, engraved

donated by György Fleischer, 1935

Leopold (Lipót) Löw (Cerna Hora, Moravia, 1811 – Szeged, 1875) was rabbi in Nagykanizsa, Pápa, and in Szeged. As an enthusiastic supporter of the Jewish emancipation and assimilation, he was among the first ones to preach in Hungarian. During the 1848 War of Independence, he was an army chaplain, and was imprisoned after the lost war. The Jewish scientific journal called Ben Chananja was founded by him and gained international importance in Europe. His silver-bound Bible was given to the museum in 1935 by his descendants living at the time in Vienna, and it was exhibited in 1942 at a Leopold Löw memorial exhibition together with his rich correspondence that was donated to the museum by his son, Immanuel Löw.