19 Documents of Imre Thoman military surgeon


Komárom, 1849

paper, printed, hand-written

present of Albert Székely (Sátoraljaújhely), 1910

The last battle of the war of independence of Hungary in 1948-49 was at the castle of Komárom, where general György Klapka continued fighting against the Austrian troops even after the armistice agreement in Világos. Finally, on September 27, 1949 he agreed to armistice on the condition that the defenders of Komárom could leave in safety. The protection letter dated October 1, 1918 ensured that Imre Thoman, the military surgeon of the Hungarian troops, could go home to Sátoraljaújhely. Afterwards, he lived for another fifty years as a practicing doctor. Jewish participation in 1948-49 was seen as a symbol of true Hungarian patriotism, and it was very important for the historical narrative of the founders of the museum, and accordingly, the first historical documents collected by the museum are from this period. The documents of Imre Thoman – including his protection letter from Komárom – were sent to the Jewish Museum by Albert Székely, lawyer in Sátoraljaújhely.

19 Documents of Imre Thoman military surgeon