58 Memorial certificate


“For Egyenlőség, gratefully and with love, on the occasion of 50 years of tireless fight for Hungarian Jewry, from the Association of Hungarian Jews”

Budapest, 1930

Engraved silver plate on a velvet basis

Present of Lajos Szabolcsi, 1933

Egyenlőség, this most influential press organ of the emancipating Jewish public, was founded by Mór Bogdányi in 1881. It became important already in 1882, in the time of the process following the blood libel in Tiszaeszlár, when Miksa Szabolcsi covered the proceedings of the process. Later, when his son, Lajos Szabolcsi became the chief editor, the paper published articles of national interest, and became the forum for and arbiter of Neológ Jewish public life. The idea of opening a Hungarian Jewish museum appeared first on the pages of Egyenlőség, and the paper regularly published articles about the museum and its collection, until it was banned in 1938. In 1930, there were eight days of celebrations on the occasion of the 50-year jubilee of the paper, with the participation of almost all Jewish communities and organizations. The editorial board received this memorial certificate engraved on a silver plate from the Association of Hungarian Jews among thousands of congratulating letters. The chief editor of the paper at the time, Lajos Szabolcsi, who was also involved in the foundation of the museum, gave the certificate to the Hungarian Jewish Museum.