73 Goblet pair


Vienna, 1863

silver, engrossed, engraved

present of Oszkár Hollós, 1942

The chemist, railway director and chief engineer of Hungarian State Railway, Oszkár Hollós, was also an amateur art collector, specializing primarily on books and engravings. When the museum was opened in 1916, he donated every Judaica from his collection to the museum. In 1931, when the museum was reopened in its new building, he donated further engravings, books and plaquettes. Besides his donations, he helped the museum also with volunteer work. In 1940, Oszkár Hollós and Fülöp Grünvald, an employee of the museum, prepared a detailed catalogue of objects with historical significance in the collection, but unfortunately even the manuscript of this catalogue has gone missing. This pair of goblets was in private use of the family, the names of Oszkár Hollós, and his wife, Mrs. Hollós, née Ernesztin Lichtenstein are engraved on them.