33 Chevra Kadisha Memorial Page


Gyöngyös,cca. 1800

parchment, ink, paint

gift of the Jewish Community of Gyöngyös, 1914

This memorial page showing the services of the Chevra Kadisha, was made in 1800 in Gyöngyös. In the middle of the parchment a little poem contains the names of the officers of the Hevra Kadisha. Surrounding the text there are twelve pictures of death and burial. The pictures follow each other according to the direction of Hebrew writing, from right to left, starting from the picture in the upper right corner –anti-clockwise. Lipót Feigl, the Rabbi of Gyöngyös, was an ardent supporter of the Jewish Museum from the very beginning, wherefore the community donated several items to the collection of the museum that had been unused at the time.