100 Hanukkah menorah

nyers_beton (1).jpg

Eight Days Design, 2011

concreet, steel

present of András Darányi, 2015

The Eight Days Design group (András Darányi, Eszter Hajdú, Orsolya Kecskés, Marcell Égi) made this new Hanukkah menorah with the aim to create contemporary Judaica. It has the form of an even octahedron, with one side for each day of the holiday. It complies with the traditional regulations regarding the lights of Hanukkah on the eight days of the holiday, but it is a progressive piece both in its material and in its form. Each side of the octahedron is 18 cm long, referring to the numerical value of the Hebrew word hay, meaning “living”. The menorah is made in various colors, mostly from a solid material called corian. This prototype, made of concrete, was donated to the museum in 2011 by András Darányi.

100 Hanukkah menorah