81 Readers


Csaba Vilmos Perlrott

Budapest, after 1940

Oil, canvas

Donated by the National Hungarian Israelite Cultural Association (OMIKE), 1946

In the halls of the museum, between 1939 and 1944, exhibitions were organised under the auspices of OMIKE Art Events. During these, Jewish artists who otherwise were squeezed out from other venues because of the discriminatory measures, could display their works here. The displayed items could be purchased and some of them were donated to the Jewish Museum with the sponsorship of the Pest Israelite Community.  Csaba Vilmos Perlrott (1880–1955) participated at all the six OMIKE exhibitions. He started his studies at the Budapest Applied Drawing School and later continued in Nagybánya (Baia Mare, Romania). He attended the Julian Academy in Paris, then from 1906he became Henri Matisse’s student and exhibited at the Salon d’Automne, in the Hall of the Fauves. Up to 1939 he participated at a number of highly successful exhibitions in Budapest as well, but after this date he could participate at the OMIKE exhibitions only. His painting entitled ‘Readers’ was donated to the museum in 1946.