Noémi Munkácsi (Budapest, 1903 - Jerusalem, 1966) was an accredited teacher, poet, writer, one of the the first university-educated women in the Munk family. In Nagykanizsa, where her husband, Dr. Ernő Winkler, served as rabbi, she became the driving force behind the local Jewish women’s association. Among other works, she published her poems in the volume  Conversations with God (1942), and she wrote a biography of her father, A Great Hungarian Linguist: Bernát Munkácsi’s Life (1943). In April 1944, Noémi, Dr. Winkler, and their two teenage children were rounded up by the Hungarian Gendarmerie and deported to Auschwitz. Her husband and son, Gábor, were murdered by the Nazis. Noémi and her daughter, Szonja, immigrated to Israel in 1951.