A Calling Heard by Generations 1

Ancestors of the Munk family in the 18th century

There was a significant influx of Jewish population to the territory of the Hungarian Kingdom in the 18th century from other parts of the Habsburg Empire. Their numbers grew from a few thousand to over one hundred thousand. Immigrants arrived from Austria, the Bohemian-Moravian Territories, and from Poland in the East.

Ancestors of the Munks settled in the Jewish Quarter of Nitra, called Parucza, in around 1770.  Different branches of the family arrived from Nikolsburg, Raussnitz (Moravia), Lichtenstadt (Bohemia) Eisenstadt and Vienna. We can trace back more distant ancestors to Prague and Germany.

Nitra county was home to one of the largest Jewish populations in Hungary. Pressburg was the center of the area, in terms of both intellectual and economic potentials.