5b5b9d19619455081afc51c8c746df6c 0757df93fd6981bdb619f26fc3ffe409 773fa7479da1d9a77940a8ba874b5fa3 Object Materials ezüst Physical Dimensions The actual physical size of the original image. Magasság:28cm Szélesség: 23cm Dublin Core The Dublin Core metadata element set is common to all Omeka records, including items, files, and collections. For more information see, Title A name given to the resource Hanukai menóra <br /><em>Hanukkah lamp</em> Identifier An unambiguous reference to the resource within a given context 64.278 Provenance A statement of any changes in ownership and custody of the resource since its creation that are significant for its authenticity, integrity, and interpretation. The statement may include a description of any changes successive custodians made to the resource. Vásárlás, 1912. Eredeti leltári száma: 208 References A related resource that is referenced, cited, or otherwise pointed to by the described resource. A Magyar-Zsidó Múzeum katalógusa. Budapest, Franklin Társulat nyomdája, 1916. A/III/b/21 Catalogue1916